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voice services
voice services

Compared to traditional, non-cloud phone services


CloudIT hosted voice solutions offer mobility for your company and employees. In addition to decreasing overhead, our hosted VoIP solutions can help increase employee retention as well.


  • We make setting up and using your phones easy.
  • Our services provide unlimited calls in the US and one monthly bill for international and toll-free calls.
  • Voicemail, fax, shared lines, call pickup groups, and conferencing are all included.
  • Twinning with cell phones and office phones is possible.
  • This includes both on-site and remote phones.

the cloudIT advantage

  • Network survey to ensure your broadband connection and internal network – including routers and switches – can handle the load of VoIP (Voice Over IP) (Voice over the Internet)
  • Initial setup and configuration assistance
  • Continual server configuration and maintenance
  • Purchase or lease SIP-enabled phones


  • Lean + Mobile
    Only the phones are located in your office. All of the costs and responsibility of configurations and maintenance is covered, eliminating the need for an internal communications expert.
  • Scalability
    Scale your workforce and locations with ease under the unification of one phone system.
  • Professional
    Your on-site and remote teams will have access to enterprise-level features such as shared line appearance, call pickup groups, and twinning that allows your cell phone and office phone to ring at the same time.
  • Flexibility
    You have options for purchasing the SIP-enabled phones or leasing them so you can do what works best for your business.

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