Global Relay Archive Keeps Your Organization In Compliance

A world-class compliance archiving and monitoring solution, Global Relay Archive, seamlessly integrates with email and messaging systems delivering superior search, retrieval and monitoring capabilities. The enterprise-class, web-based email archiving tools that come with Global Relay Archive address the demands of regulatory compliance, audits and eDiscovery while relieving the worry surrounding data management, storage, security and business continuity.

Global Relay Archive captures your firm’s incoming, internal and outgoing electronic messages, including email, instant messages, social media messages and more, creating an audit-able, evidentiary-quality copy of each message. These are then indexed, serialized and time/date stamped. This process organizes and preserves your intellectual business assets securely while reducing the risks that often result from poorly managed or lost and deleted messages.

Global Relay From cloudIT Offers World Class Security For Your Customer Data

Global Relay’s controls are covered by a comprehensive KPMG Agreed Upon Procedures Document which reflects extensive testing by KPMG and the perfect results Global Relay achieved with no exceptions.

Ideal for firms in regulated industries. Global Relay Archive from cloudIT is specifically designed to assist firms in meeting the stringent legal and regulatory requirements for electronic record keeping.

Global Relay from cloudIT provides unique and extensive security of business and operational controls related to:

  • Physical Security: Safeguards govern protection & data center
  • Change Management: Frameworks for guiding software development releases, operations & change
  • Network Security: System architecture, security & access
  • Global Relay Archive & Compliance: Secure storage, inbound message processing, data center replication & end-user access
  • Data Import, Extraction & Destruction: Policies, procedures and methodologies for secure customer data handling
  • Security Policies & Standards: Privacy and confidentiality governed through policies and standards
  • Personnel Policies: Employee life-cycle management

Archive Access For Every Business Role.

Choose to give every employee in the organization access to his or her own messages in the archive — even after deletion. Restore any message in seconds, boost productivity and reduce IT support time.

A multi-tier system is provided to help firms meet regulatory requirements for the supervision of employee communications. Compliance personnel have access to an extensive suite of tools for monitoring, filtering, flagging and categorizing.

Managers have the ability to enforce firm policies by monitoring the messages of their assigned groups. In addition, Global Relay Archive gives managers a snapshot of their reports’ communications and identifies any messages that may violate a companies standard.

Authorized administrators have the ability to deploy customized access rights, allowing individuals access to only their own messages, a group of other users’ messages or firm-wide access.

Mobile access to archived messages is available through Global Relay Search for BlackBerry, iPhone and Outlook. Mobile capabilities include a simple search and retrieval process allowing all users to Find, View, Print, Reply, Reply All, Forward or Download messages.

A Unified Message Archiving Solution From cloudIT

Global Relay Archive is a Software-as-a-Service solution that provides secure off-site archiving and long-term storage for virtually every message type used in business and finance, creating a permanent, tamperproof copy of all incoming, internal and outgoing electronic messages.

  • Save IT department resources.
  • Reduce costs and avoid capital expenditures.
  • Improve message management.
  • Maintain organization and control.
  • Reduce operational risks.
  • Benefit from an Audit & eDiscovery tool.

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