Glossary Term: VOIP and Telecom Glossary

Abandoned Cable 

Abandoned Cable – Any cabling, from Riser closet to serverServer- A computer, or a software package, that provides a s… More room to end-user, which is no longer being used, is the wrong cable type (i.e. riser in a plenum ceiling) or not tagged for future use. It is defined as Installed communications cable that is not …

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Abandoned Call

Abandoned Call- A call or other type of contact to a call center that is abandoned before the call is answered. Calls in which the caller hangs up almost immediately may or may not be counted as abandoned. When configuring settings on an ACD a minimum length of time can be set before it would …

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A fee charged subscribers or other telephone companies by a local exchange carrierA local exchange carrier (LEC) is the term used in the U.S. … More for the use of its local exchange networks.

ACD -Automatic Call Distributor

(ACD) Automatic Call Distributor- A programmable device at a call center that routes and manages incoming calls to targets or agents within that call center. An Intelligent Call RouterRouter- A router is a device connected to at least two netwo… More determines the target or agentAgent- A Call Center Agent is a person who actively …

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Acoustic Coupler 

Acoustic Coupler – A device that allows a conventional telephone handset to feed its signal into a modemModem- (MOdulator, DEModulator) — a device that you connec… More, as opposed to direct couplers, which feed the modulated/demodulated signal directly into the phone line.

Acoustic Echo Canceller 

Acoustic Echo Canceller – All speakerphones have some form of adaptive echo canceller that produces a synthetic replica of the potential echo to subtract from the transmit audio. Most units have a center clipping echo suppressor to remove the residual echo from the transmit signal. The goal of the acoustic echo canceller is to reduce the amount …

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Acoustic Echo Return Loss Enhancement 

Acoustic Echo Return Loss Enhancement – AERLE – The maximum echo cancellation provided by the acoustic canceller. Typical figures will vary from 6 to 18 dB. The larger the number the better. It is important to note whether the figure is quoted with the center clipper enabled or disabled. If quoted with center clipper disabled, it is …

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Acoustic Modem 

Acoustic Modem – A modulator-demodulator unitunit. (IEEE) (1) A separately testable element specified in… More that converts datadata. Representations of facts, concepts, or instructions i… More signals to telephone tones and back again.


Agent- A Call Center AgentAgent- A Call Center Agent is a person who actively handles … More is a person who actively handles incoming incoming or outgoing phone calls for a business. Each agentAgent- A Call Center Agent is a person who actively handles … More can be associated with a peripheral and can be …

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