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Compared to traditional, non-cloud services


Provide your end users with the advantages of a virtual desktop infrastructure. We will manage storing, securing, and backing up a user’s data, upgrades for the desktop service, and supported applications.


Allow users to share resources, software and data between many computers on-demand and reduce the risk of network failure.


Protect your important business files so your operations aren’t paralyzed by system failure or losing files.

Backup, store, and recover your files with cloudbackup remote, on-site, or managed service.


Streamline processes and increase collaboration and efficiency with our Microsoft Office 365 consultants, migrations, integrations and backups. Enjoy unmatched flexible deployment, seamless integration, and fortified cybersecurity.


  • We provide virtual desktops and apps needed for you and your employees to work efficiently.
  • User data is automatically stored and secured on our system.
  • Your virtual desktop and applications are constantly updated.
  • You can log in to your PC anywhere where there is online access.

the cloudIT advantage

  • Virtual desktop configuration assistance
  • Continual storage, security, and backups of user files
  • Back-end maintenance of virtual desktop infrastructure
  • Deployment of upgrades to all parts of virtual desktop including the apps needed on the virtual desktop.


  • Anywhere Access
    Access to the desktop is device, location, and network independent.
  • Security
    We secure your data and ensure it is only copied to and from the virtual desktop.
  • Cost Effective
    Provide your users with the advantages of a virtual desktop infrastructure without the costs of in-house deployment and employing in-house staff.
  • Upgraded and Maintained
    You do not have to worry about or have staff for back-end responsibilities of having virtual desktop infrastructures like data storage, backup, security, and upgrades. We’ll handle this for you.

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