What is the cloudIT difference?

People, process, and passion for technology! Utilizing the best available technology to improve the business processes of our valued clients has long been our north star at cloudIT. Our team of subject matter experts, engineers, consultants, and technicians work together seamlessly to provide the right solutions.

We’re in the business of simplicity

Our team approach at cloudIT allows us to equip you with the simplicity of having one point of contact for managing all of your layered technology needs. We are an all-in-one tech company, not a one-size-fits-all tech company. We have the capabilities, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll need them all. We will only sell you what you need. Whatever your needs or size, your tech should work for you, so we’ll customize a straightforward solution that improves your specific business processes. It’s that simple.

We blueprint custom tech solutions because

you deserve more than a cookie-cutter solution

Like your business and your unique technology needs, we don't fit squarely into a rigid box. Traditionally, tech companies like to be just one thing for clients. But at cloudIT, we consider ourselves a lot of things to a lot of people - an MSP, a CSP, a VAR, O365 experts, a cyber-security provider, an on-call IT staff, a virtual CIO - all rolled into one company.

We like to call ourselves a TSP, a Technology Service Provider, because when it comes to utilizing tech to better your business, we’ll do it all. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got it managed for you.


At cloudIT, we take great pride in the fact that we have established and maintained an outstanding reputation and track record with our customers. No matter what their position, everyone at cloudIT comes together to help our customers. We design and implement the best solution for our customers, take care of their daily IT needs and build a long term relationship that, as a valued customer recently commented, “is like family."

Kyle Grove, Chief Revenue Officer

Pricing and cost structure – simplified

We want your expectations high and costs low. Simple pricing structure as well as an ‘all included and unlimited’ service model allow cloudIT clients to budget properly as they grow their business. Our cloud services broadly span from our operations out of our various data centers regionally for a niche solution, to design and implementation within larger public cloud structures such as Azure and AWS.

Get started elevating your business processes

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When we say free, we also mean free from commitment.

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